About – The PHIT Coach

Hi, I'm Jake

An Amersham personal trainer unlike other personal trainers.

A Personal Trainer Based in Amersham Supporting People Of Any Shape, Any size, any ability in building their fitness

If the thought of having personal trainer has always been of interest to you but you've found gyms and personal trainers to be both scary and daunting, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Jake Gifford, a personal trainer based in Amersham. I'm not here to say that I was super sporty when I was younger and everything came naturally to me, but I came into the industry with some experience and a desire to help people get more physically active.

Seven years of working in the industry and two University degrees later, a lot has changed. I've come to have grown a huge appreciation of the barriers and challenges that people of all shapes, sizes and abilities experience. How illness, trauma, lifestyle and mental wellbeing affect an individual's confidence in themselves and ability to exercise.

I've set out to help those who need it most. That means providing you with both knowledge and empathy whilst ensuring that you never feel guilty or ashamed of what you eat or your ability to exercise.

I won't tell you that you've got to "earn your food" or tell you you're not working hard enough.

I want to show you that personal training can be a positive experience whereby we support you in overcoming your barriers and working to the best of your ability rather than something which fills you with dread.

If you're looking for a personal trainer in Amersham or the surrounding areas, why don't you book in a FREE 60 minute session and discover how I can help support you?

You can also find me on social media where I aim to create a safe and inclusive space without all the silly "no excuses" slogans.

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