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Discover How 1-on-1 Personal Training in a Private Gym Can…
Improve Your Health & Fitness
without Fad Diets or ‘Killer’ Workouts


if you could feel fitter, more mobile and more confident in a gym. Improve your health and fitness with less effort than you think – no matter your shape, size or ability. And...

It doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be daunting or devastating.

It’s more about working to the best of your ability at a given time and building yourself up gradually with the support of an expert over time, like a personal trainer.

If the idea of having a personal trainer or exercising in a gym causes you some anxiety; don’t worry. You’re not alone.

You don’t have to be a certain fitness level to benefit from a personal trainer because everyone from beginners to the more experienced are all seeking improvement.

Whatever you might think or feel, be assured that personal training or exercise within a private gym is not reserved for a certain “type” of people. There’s also no risk of feeling judged or ridiculed (especially when you use our private gym).

With your own personal trainer, your workout is custom-designed just for you. You have all the focus and attention required to assist you and have total access to your trainer at all times.

It’s common to lack the confidence or knowledge to walk into a gym and create a workout by yourself. Now, you don’t have to worry or wait any longer because you’ve no idea where to start or what to do next. Here it’s all done for you!

Personal training in a more personal & intimate gym creates the perfect environment and opportunity for maximum encouragement, accountability and support to improve your health and fitness – with the best results possible, in privacy and at your own pace.

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“Do what you CAN
to improve your health
not what you CAN’T.”

- Jake Gifford, The PHIT Coach

Personal Message from The PHIT Coach, Jake Gifford
Why Work With Me?

A pretty good question.

If you want a strict diet plan, over-the-top exercise and to get ripped in a short space of time, then I'm certainly not your guy.

However, if you want insights and the truth about all things fitness, someone to sift through the vast array of information out there (much of it misleading or totally false) and be shown how you can leverage exercise & nutrition to boost your fitness, no matter what your experience, then you best get in touch.

I promise to make everything we do applicable to your lifestyle. That means approaching fitness in a sensible manner, working around your kids, job and social time and activities.

Sadly, I've too often seen the pitfalls of extreme measures towards exercise and diets. It’s actually counterproductive to both your overall health and your state of mind. Over the years, I’ve observed the disconnect between fitness & health “professionals” and everyday people which is why so many people trip up or simply quit.

Proudly, we’re known for our tailor-made approach and my personal commitment to the work we do together creating results for you. It’s a natural, safe and fun approach that’s quick and simple by design!

PLUS you experience results lasting a lifetime because our goal is to integrate them into your current lifestyle.

There's more to life than the gym! Let us show you how with your own FREE Personal Training session at our gym - PHIT Lifestyle. There’s no cost or commitment required. Get all your questions answered – like how to get fitter and still enjoy a glass of wine or celebrate with a beer.

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